Women in STEM

OK I thought about the direction of this page.   Our daughter Ann loves technology.  Ann is 3.  I want to cover Women in STEM.   I want her to read about the women who have been in STEM.  My goal is to show more than just their work.  I want my daughter and other young girls to understand why they went into STEM.

Female Leadership–‘Be Competent Like A Woman And Confident And Ambitious Like A Man’

I am here

One years old

2 years old

3rd Birthday

3.5 years old

June 2019:  I have Ann’s ABC Mouse on her Kids Kindle set to level 6.  Most of the tasks she changes to level 3 from level 1 herself to make them more difficult.   The tasks tracing letters on the screen are giving her some issues.  She is learning to write the capital letters on paper and in the air. 



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