From time to time I have reported on the idea that the Universe is 2/3 filled with a repulsive “dark” energy. Like the Emperor’s New Clothes, it is only apparent to those most educated. It would cause expansion of the Universe to accelerate, in violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics on the grandest scale. Alleged detection of “dark” energy led to a Nobel Prize in 2011. Not happy with their million, the discoverers proposed billion-dollar space experiments to investigate “dark” energy, with names like SNAP. The last remnant of them, WFIRST, is cancelled in the new NASA budget.

February 21-23, 2018 is a Dark Matter conference at UCLA. The conference used to include “dark” energy, but the latter is a dead field. Reputable conferences like the International Astronomical Union don’t include “dark” energy, though they have discussions on a changing speed of light.

The “accelerating data is sign of a change in the speed of light, exactly as predicted. A simple equation GM=tc^3 predicts the “accelerating” data more precisely than any “dark” speculation.

The idea of repulsive “dark” energy is dead.